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AsReader rfid and barcode readers

RFID and Barcode Reader Solutions for iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 and Androids

Industry-leading AsReader RFID and AsReader Barcode sleds for iPhones, iPods and iPads and Androids provide unprecedented competitive value.

  • Super slim, compact form factor for Barcoding and RFID
  • New interchangable sleds allow use on different smart devices
  • Magnetic connection charging stations provide superior style, ease and convenience

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Simple. Convenient. Scalable.

Turn your iPhone/iPod into a powerful RFID reader/writer or Barcode scanner.

Barcode & RFID solutions for iPod touch, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and plus sizes. Also for iPad Air, iPad Mini and Androids.

All of our AsReader models are designed to be "modular". Now you can use the same dock (sled) with your choice of smart device by simply changing the case around the dock!
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modular works!

These new AsReaders allow your iPhone 5/6/7/8, iPhone 6/7/8 plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPod touch to become a professional Barcode Scanner or RFID Reader/Writer. Because the new design is modular -- allowing the dock and case to be separate -- as new models of the iPhone or iPad with compatible Lightning connectors are released, the same module of the AsReader device may continue to be used with the next generation smart devices by simply changing the inexpensive outer case.

Components of modular AsReader scanner

•   Advanced Modular Design Gives Flexibility and Increases Your ROI

Whether its the showroom, a hospital ward, library or out in the warehouse, you'll be comfortable using the AsReader to track, trace, monitor, verify and more to enhance your productivity and operating efficiency.

Easily fits within a shirt pocket, the AsReader dimensions are just a little more than the iPhone or iPad device that it's paired with. Create elegant solutions by using the AsReader with an iPad Air or iPad Mini.

•   Stylish & Compact Design

Ever had your device break at the charging cable connector? With MagConn we eliminate the need for a USB cable connection with our advanced charging technology. Just place your AsReader and/or your iPhone/Android on the charging stand and you can charge both devices through the magnetic connector USB port on the charger.

What is MagConn?......... Magconn is an advanced charging technology which combines both wired and wireless options. Magconn sets AsReader apart from other technologies by enabling highly efficient charging via the magnetic USB port. No cables to plug in. No connectors to break.

You can simultaneously charge the AsReader and the iPhone/iPod/Android. Our smart technology will automatically shift full charging power to the other when one of the devices becomes fully charged.

The connector and the device are magnetically attached, so the charging process is worry-free.

MagConn Charging Stand

•  Fast Cable-free Charging.

Forget to charge? Our MagConn external backup battery can be used to keep you going.

The MagConn's magnetic USB connector can be used to easily attach to your AsReader while in the field to charge your AsReader and/or iPhone/Android while you keep working.

The MagConn charging battery can be used:

  • For remote wireless charging without connecting to a stand or pad.
  • To simultaneously operate and charge your AsReader.
  • Stack the MagConn battery between the AsReader and charging stand to charge the battery and the device simultaneously.

*All battery charging solutions are optional.

• Battery Backup & Charging Options

Wide Range of Applications.

Solutions for iPod touch, iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 and iPhone plus sizes. Also for iPad Air and iPad Mini and Androids.

Ready for an upgrade?

Upgrade your existing 1D or 2D barcode readers. Or move to more advanced RFID terminals.

Applications for Every Market

AsReader handheld terminals are the ideal upgrade path for many market applications. Our small, elegant size combined with our modular design that will allow future compatible Apple device upgrades and fast app upgrades makes us a logical choice for your Barcode or RFID solution. AsReaders are being used in many different markets, including:

  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Asset Tracking
  • Field Services
  • Warehouses
  • Healthcare & Hospitals
  • Hospitality
  • Event Technology
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • and more...

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The AsReader is used in the distribution lots of car factories as part of the essential new vehicle pre-delivery preparations. RFID tags with the vehicle ID numbers of the new cars are attached to the car dashboards, and the RFID tag and RFID AsReader are used in combination to provide the instructions and process control for protective film application and optional components installation.

The AsReader can be easily used with smart device enabled business applications to function as a handheld terminal that monitors and captures the status of specific cars on a a car-by-car basis during car delivery service operations.

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Develop applications that can be used with the system for real-time processing of electronic medical records and ordering procedures. Major enhancements in efficiency can be achieved by replacing older ordering terminals (such as PCs) with the handheld AsReader.

Since the AsReader has excellent resistance to dust and water (IP 52 standard compliance) along with a drop resistance of 1.5m to concrete surfaces, no special caution is required even in harsh workplace environments.

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Introduce the AsReader as a replacement for older terminals and implement mobile applications for Warehouse Management Systems. You can freely create apps that emulate handheld terminal functions and enable the use of the touch screens on smart phones to enhance productivity and operating efficiency. In this way, you can achieve significant reductions in the cost of handheld terminals.

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AsReader is not only an inventory management, order management and incoming component management system, but it can also be used with printers to augment POS operations. In addition to enhancing business operations by combining multiple functions in one device, you can also achieve rapid cost savings.

You can easily use the functions of the iPhone/iPod in conjunction with the network. With the use of our SalaseePOS and other web applications you can also use tablets and other stylish devices to develop full-fledged POS register systems.

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Revolutionize Your Business With AsReader

AsReader iPhone and iPod touch for reading 1D / 2D Barcode or reading/writing RFID. Watch the video.

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